March 27, 2015

Ivonne Stacy's House of Turquoise

Hola Hola and Happy Friday,

As you know, my husband and I sold our first home almost a year ago. I cannot believe it's already been that long. We have started house hunting again, but OH MAN... The market is rough and there is no inventory.

We are praying for the right home, at the right price and I know the Lord won't let us down. 

Also, I finally had a chance to work on our old home pictures and create a video.
I love home decor!! (A lot!) For fun, I love to walk around Homegoods and browse at all the home decor.

I am new to making videos so bear with me. The video is a compilation of images from my first home. Enjoy!

Have a great week.


Ivonne Stacy.