June 16, 2015

H&M Lace Up Sandals STYLED

Hola Hola! 

Hello  Hello! 

Today's post is nothing but outfits! 
They all have something in common though- my new HandM lace up sandals. 
I just ordered them, so I haven't received them just yet, but I am anxiously waiting. 
For now, I will have to play with Polyvore and style them many different ways. 

I am crossing my fingers that these fit right and my fat calf muscles actually slip in. 
Will keep you posted on Snapchar (IvonneStacy).
Anyway for now check out all the outfits I created!
Numero Uno:
 Numero Dos:
 Numero Tres:
 Numero Cuatro:
 Numero Cinco:
 Numero Seis:
 Numero Siete:
If you could right click and download one outfit to your closet right NOW...
Which one would you want? 
Let me know in the comments below. 


Ivonne Stacy.

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