June 12, 2015

Military Green + Light Pink COMBO

Hi Loves,

Feliz Viernes!
Happy Friday!

I want to start creating "Approved COLOR Combos."
I know some people would never think of pairing certain colors together. Which is why, I want to give you a little boost in confidence when rocking certain colors together that you wouldn't otherwise. I love to play with color, I love matching certain pieces or even mismatching them.
That's why it's important to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, but still stay true to your style. If you don't feel good in what you're wearing- you will never be confident. 
Today I am rocking military green (Olive) with pale pink. Great colors that compliment each other. 
What am I wearing:
 Michael Antonio Heels. 
H and M Skirt. 
F21 Cropped Top and Necklace.
Liquid Lipstick: Dose of Colors in Black Rose
Shout out to my sweet Mom who took my blog pics. 
 How cool are these heels. 
They are available too. Color  I am wearing: Olive. Click here to buy them.
My latest obsession {besides make-up, shoes and clothes, lol!} are sunglasses. 
Especially from the brand Quay. The designs are beautiful and fit my face just right. 
I have a big old head and some sunglasses can look tiny on me. 
There are just perfect! Buy them here.
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I pray you all have a wonderful and safe weekend.


Ivonne Stacy.

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  1. Love Love Love one of my faves!
    i just bought these shoes in black! cant wait lol
    God bless and have a wonderful weekend!! -Lily

    1. Thank you Lily!! I hope you love the shoes, I really do :)

      God bless you too and have a great week!

  2. Beautiful Combo! and those glasses look really good on you! Have a great day Ivonne :)

    1. Thank you Francey, glad you like them!! :)


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