June 30, 2015

Palm PRINT + GRAY Skater Skirt

Hello Lovelies/ Hola Hermosas, 

I've been dying to wear these H and M sandals. 
I personally LOVE them, but the hubby hates them. 
Yep, he thinks they are ugly.
 Fortunately for him, he doesn't have to wear them. 
The PALM PRINT on this t-shirt is in major style at the moment.
 It's a beautiful print. Believe it or not- this T-shirt is a men's F21 t-shirt.
I purchased it in extra small so that it would fit me and I LOVE it. 
Plus my husband can wear it too!
Who knew we could share clothes. 
Today is BIG day you guys...
The husband and I are closing on our new house. 
Stay tuned for Home Decor fun on the blog soon! 
Thank you so much for stopping by and I am praying you'all have an awesome week. 



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