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Hi there and welcome to my little piece of the internet.

Let me introduce myself- I am Ivonne.

 I am in love with fashion. I love the creativity involved in styling clothing. I also love interior decorating and DIY's. A little obsessed, but its ok! Here's a little peak into my DIY buffet in my dining room. Oh and I am obsessed with Turquoise. (I really am!) 
I am married to my best friend and high school sweetheart. We've actually been together for over a decade! I know unbelievable. He is my everything.
We have a little pup named Tobi Love, and he is like our child. He is five years old or, about 35 in doggy years. He has a heart of an 18 year old though, lol! 
In 2009, I graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelors degree in Merchandising and a minor in Business Foundations. I was a first generation college student, so I had to figure everything out on my own. It was all worth it and I am so proud of this accomplishment. If you really put your mind to it and focus you can accomplish anything. 

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I am based in Dallas, Texas. Born and raised baby! Born from Salvadorian parents I can definitely represent for my Latinas! I do embrace my curvy figure but I hope to inspire all women no matter what figure- skinny, short, tall, curvy, plus size….We can all be fabulous and fashionable!

I am eternally thankful for you visiting my blog and wanting to know a little bit more about me.



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  1. I am not sure how long I've been Followed to "Ivonne Stacy Style," but I am glad to be here and to offer my thoughts on your outfits. You are a beautiful lady with beautiful style. Please take care and have a great day/night!



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